Blog themes

My ever-changing blog themes... This is another creative outlet for me: finding a theme I like, making or editing a header to match, picking colors. While I'm certainly not an expert at making layouts, it's fun. And I love changing them for seasons or holidays or just for fun!

 My very first theme was a red, white, and black LOVE theme.
It had hearts and vectors, and it was up for Valentine's Day.

My second theme was a green theme.
It had swirls and clovers for St. Patrick's Day.

My third theme was a blue and purple theme.  
The background was a screenshot from the movie Avatar
and I even had a matching avi that I made myself.

My current theme is pink and burnt gold.
It has cherry blossoms for springtime and
  I have a (sort of) matching avi courtesy of a friend.
I'm really feeling this cherry blossom theme right now.