The Photographer Behind the Camera


What this blog used to be: "This is all about me as a twenty-something college recruiter who is discovering herself through various artistic means. I am working full-time, but I manage to squeeze some time here and there to explore and expand upon my creative streak."

What it is now: The temporary home of Artistically Amy Photography! Yes, I am building a little lifestyle/portrait photography business. After much encouragement from friends and family, and much debate with my husband, I have decided to turn my hobby into a little bit more of a serious venture. I still explore my other creative hobbies, although photography is the one that makes me feel alive. I am so passionate about everything I do, but photography is deep in my veins. I just can't deny it any longer!

Artistically Amy Photography
Creatively and artistically capturing a moment in your life.

I strive to capture honest moments of your life, whether it is the sweetness of a newborn, the playfulness of a child, or the love of a family. I know that every single period of a person's life is fleeting; time passes all too quickly. I am here to capture these moments for you before they fade away.

*Photo credit to Melissa Gallagher.