Monday, January 25, 2010

Back in action!

Blogging... I used to do it, sort of. I had a LiveJournal back in the day, during high school and a little bit of early college. However, those posts were embarassing: "i had class alllll daaaay today! n then i had to babysit, blah. but then i got 2 see my luv n we got to chilllllll, yay!!!! n we have exciting plans 4 this weekend - we r prolly gonna go see a movie n stay at his house."

And I was an English major. Tell me how THAT happened.

So, I have a few friends who blog actively now. I've thought of starting up again several times in the past few years. Blogging always gave me aweird feeling, though. I'd rather write a paper, a lesson plan, a short story, a NOVEL. Yet here I sit, still in my bathrobe, while I should be in bed, typing up my introductory post. I keep getting sucked into these hobbies, as if I have plenty of time to read tuts and learn new techniques and practice my skills.

Who am I kidding?! I've got a fulltime job, a family that loves to see me on weekends, an affectionate boyfriend, and one semester left before I graduate with my M.S.Ed. And more hobbies than I can count. I am....

Artistically Amy.

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