Monday, January 31, 2011

i heart faces Challenge - Best Face January 2011

Ah, this theme makes me so grateful that all the elements combined to create this photo. Vacation + family (specifically my favorite future niece) + Nikon D90 = perfection.

I've been favoring vintage-y edits lately. I know a lot of photographers these days also go for softer photos, regardless of the presence of vintage tones. But I just love contrast, especially paired with vintage tones.

Ah, who cares. No one is paying me for my edits, so I can do whatever I want!

**This week's theme is another People's Choice, which means that we get to vote for the winners. I'll post a reminder tomorrow.


Ashley Sisk said...

So sweet - I love those vintage tones.

Danielle said...

This picture is GREAT! I love the expression on her face! She looks so skeptical! Priceless!

LightsCameraJackson said...

I also have been favoring a vintage feel for my photos lately. This is an adorable photo! Love it!

Mandy said...

I like the vintage tones!! Great job!

Hart Johnson said...

She's so cute! And I love the pic!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your post editing skills girlfriend :)
I am currently having a photo challenge & would LOVE if you checked it out :)

Ps, I'm your newest reader :) Yay!