Monday, January 24, 2011

i heart faces Challenge - Innocent Wonder

iheartfaces is leaving the interpretation of this week's theme up to us. Whichever way we capture innocent wonder is fine; there is no black or white about it.

Innocent wonder is something that makes me think of kids. Discovering something new, seeing something they have never seen, watching something that (for whatever reason) intrigues them enough to cause that look of awe. You know, that look. Eyes bright and wide, mouth open just a bit, completely focused on the magic in front of them.

I don't get to photograph kids as much as I used, since I am not babysitting anymore and I don't have easy access to my future nieces and nephew. I did find this gem back from August 2008, when Jon and I flew down to Orlando with his family. We went to Kennedy Space Center and took a bus tour that drove around the complex and stopped at various buildings. This photo is of Jack and his daddy while we were on the bus, checking out all of the rockets and such.

And yes, it's horribly blown-out. I was using a K0dak point-and-shoot at the time, one that I don't own anymore because I dropped it on a concrete floor and cracked the display so bad that the ink started leaking through.


Kasey said...

I like it!

Ashley Sisk said...

Such a great capture.

Teacher Girl said...

Still an adorable picture!

Alicia said...

He's definitely wondering about something! Very cute!

Melis said...

How does Justin look so YOUNG?!?!?! And Jack is so LITTLE?! Ack! Thanks for sharing - I'd never seen this photo!