Saturday, July 23, 2011

iPhonography - 7.23.11

I had started uploading these photos last week, but I forgot to finish and schedule this post. I couldn't let these iPhone photo collages go to waste, so here they are now!

Those first 2 collages are edits done with instagram because, as you already know, it's my favorite iphone photo app. Seriously... SO. ADDICTING.

This next collage also consists of instagram photos, but they were all filtered with earlybird.

If I can get myself organized before next weekend, I might have a better iPhonography post for you. It's all my head right now. With the wedding only 28 days away, most of my blog posts are like that... in my head, not on my blog!

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Courtney said...

these are great, Amy! Instagram is definitely addicting. I think we all need a 12 step program. LOVE. Thanks so much for linking up!