Friday, October 07, 2011

My TOMS shoes

I love my red TOMS shoes so much! My mom bought them for me as a wedding present because I wanted them for the reception. I knew I wanted a flat, comfy shoe for dancing, red was one of our theme colors, and I fully support their cause. There is a child somewhere on this planet that needed shoes, and that child was given a free pair when my mom purchased my pair. Awesomesauce.

Moving on, I mentioned last week that I had photographed my TOMS at the beach.

Well, I put together a little collage of my favorite photos from that mini beach photo shoot:

Here is a fun Before & After collage for Kelly's link-up:

Here's a shot that could be so much better, if not for my point and shoot camera's limitations:

And here's one that I decided to use for Laura's link-up:

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Ashley Sisk said...

I love my TOMs and for a great cause too. I'm wearing them now!

Christina Klas said...

Love! :) I don't have any TOMS yet... I don't know why I haven't purchased any - but I'll get there. :) My friend posted a picture of him meeting the founder today. Pretty cool.

Kelly-Marie said...

Thanx for linking up hun, I've missed out on you coloursplash sunday but I'll defo be joining in again this week ;)

I love how you have done your before and after collage it's so creative!

Ewa said...

they look like very comfortable shoes!

Anonymous said...

What a great series. Love the collage.

Ruth said...

haha! I love red things too, I love the variations that you've made to the picture, very clever and interesting :)

Casa De Luna said...

I really want a pair of Toms. I'm glad you enjoy yours so much. I think I would be much more willing to pay retail prices if other products had such an impact.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Excellent and nice photos.

Regards and best wishes

Branson said...

That before to after collage is seriously awesome!!!