Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Traditions Edited

On Monday, I posted a SOOC photo of one of my many holiday traditions: Collecting Barbie ornaments. I had been messing around with the custom Kelvin WB on my dad's camera, so this photo was WAY too cool! (Look here. You'll agree.)

Here is my photo after some quick processing in LR3:

My step is always to crop. Then I did auto WB, but it was too warm, so I had to decrease the warmth. (of course, I probably decreased it a bit too much.) Then I did auto tone, and decreased exposure and brightness. I also increased fill light, blacks, and recovery. I did some noise reduction right in LR3. I used a sharpen preset (set not available anymore) from Pretty Presets. I finished with the It's Good For You preset from naptime momtog for some color pop.

I also did a black and white edit:


Ashley Sisk said...

Both of these look really nice - great job!

Cedar said...

Those really are cool ornaments...and really nice edits!