Friday, December 16, 2011

Macro Friday 12.16.11

I haven't linked up with Macro Friday in so long!

I was going through all my 2011 photo folders to find pictures for Memories, Dreams, & Reflections 2011, and I found some old photos that I never got around to processing.

This series of photos is perfect for Macro Friday.

When I took these photos, I had been using my dad's D80 with the kit lens. He uses old projector lenses as macro attachments.

This is the projectors lens:

This is showing you how much closer I can zoom in using the projector lens:

And here is the comparison. First photo is zoomed all the way in without the projector lens; second photo is zoomed all the way in WITH the projector lens.

I used to shoot with these "fake" macro lenses all the time when I borrowed my dad's camera. It creates a very deep DOF, so it's a bit harder to get those crisp shots that most people love. It's just so much fun to play with it!


mary said...

That's a very good idea and the color is crisp. Like it!

Macro Friday

Branson said...

What a creative way to get macro shots! Fun!