Sunday, December 04, 2011

Make Christmas Count....

Today is Sunday. I usually put up my Color Splash posts and photos on Sundays.

Today will be different. I've been sitting at my laptop for about 2 hours now, trying to type up my CSS post, but a teeny voice in my head kept saying, "Not yet."

After I had put it off as long as I could, making use of almost every single one of my favorite procrastination tools (facebook, Bejeweled Blitz, pse8, LR3, twitter, goodreads, etc), I clicked back to my firefox tabs. Life Rearranged has been sitting open on my laptop since early Friday morning. I went there to link up with Insta-Friday, and was distracted by a cute face. A blue shirt. Pretty colors on a blog button. The words, "Make Christmas Count."

I clicked it. I read. I cried. My heart ached.

Rather than break out into song and dance and tell you the personal reasons behind my heartaches, I am going to focus on that little face in the blue shirt and the blog button and "Make Christmas Count." This is a fundraiser going on to raise money for that cute face in the blog button so he can be adopted.

Anyone who has been blogging (and reading blogs) for more than 2.5 seconds has read a blog about a parent who adopted after feeling heartaches. And chances are, your own heart ached when you read a story about a child who had no forever family. But maybe you already have a handful of children. Maybe you can't afford the astronomical costs of adoption. Maybe you have a career that prevents you from devoting time to expanding your family. Maybe the state you live in has hoops that you can't physically or psychologically jump through to be approved for adopting.

That doesn't stop your heart from aching when you read about those children who don't have forever families. I know my reasons don't stop my own heart from aching. Nothing does.

The only thing you can do is donate. It won't make the pain go away, but it might help a little. Knowing that one little child WILL have a forever family, is better than living with that pain and doing nothing about it.

Please please PLEASE go over to Life Rearranged and, at the very least, read the post. I dare you not to tear up, whimper, cry, or feel your heart ache.

I dare you.

And if you really don't, that's fine. You can come back here and yell at me for wasting your time. But, please, if you happen to tear up, whimper, cry, or feel your heart ache, then donate.

life rearranged


Nicole said...

i saw the same post. i thought to myself what if that is me and my husband some day? i donated!

Angie said...

Amy, you are beautiful-with a big lovely heart.

I really enjoyed reading your words here. Thank you for sharing them.