Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dalia | Hero Portraits | 7.6.12

Last week, I wrote about a fabulous foundation that I am affiliated with, Inspiration Through Art. (Click here if you missed it!) I wrote about it because I wanted to spread the word. There are children everywhere that are heroes because of their struggles and their courage. ITA is striving to celebrate these heroes.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted to do a photo session of a 10-month-old hero named Dalia.

Wow, she is a hero! So happy and smiley, even with her health problems. And she is also a very mature little baby; she has those wise eyes that tell you she knows everything you are doing and why you are doing it and how you feel at that moment.

Case in point: To start our session together, I sat with this bubbly baby and snuggled with her before I pulled out my camera. I was hoping to get to know her, and show her that we could be great friends. That was easy enough. But when I DID pull out my camera, she gave me that knowing grin, and hid her face off to the side. Such a smart girl!

I am so honored that Dalia's mama chose me out of all the local ITA photographers to capture her baby girl. Not only is Dalia a hero, but so is her mama. She is such a great mother to Dalia and her other children, and she doesn't let her baby girl's health issues bring her down. I think that's where Dalia gets her strength from. I was so happy to work with this family, and I will never forget their positive attitudes.

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Charlene Long said...

Wonderfully written and the pics turned out amazing