Monday, July 16, 2012

Interested in a newborn portrait session?

Are you pregnant and already thinking about newborn portraits?

Good! You can never plan a newborn photo session early enough. Newborn photos are best done within 2 weeks (although babies are cute to capture anytime). So, if you are expecting and would love to have your newborn's portraits done by me, please contact me for pricing and more information as soon as possible!

Here are some things to know about my newborn portrait style:

The sweetness of a newborn, the happiness that a new baby brings... I love to capture these moments! I am addicted to it... I am also addicted to capturing the tiny details of these teeny humans, capturing their essence so that as they grow, the photos will remain to remind you how they once were.

My newborn photoshoots generally last anywhere from one hour to three hours. I like to have plenty of time for mama to be able to feed and sooth if baby gets fussy. Also, I'll probably spend some time snuggling your bitty babe in between poses. ;)

As for posing, my style is a bit more relaxed. Rather than contort a baby's body into doll-like poses, I will simply nudge their bodies into a natural position. My style is capturing sweet moments of this magical period before they fade away.

I prefer to do these sessions right in your home, because it is easier and more comfortable for both mama and baby. I also like to get some photos of the nursery, as well.

If this is what you are looking for, you can email me at agallagher36 at, or you can message me directly on my facebook page: We'll chat, I'll probably gush over how excited I am, and together, we'll determine if I'm the right photographer for you.

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