Thursday, March 10, 2011

Twisted Fate Photo Challenge - Street

The theme for the Twisted Fate Photography Challenge this week is Street. This is the photo I had originally planned to use - a photo of my best friend and my mom walking down the street of the town where I live.

Here is the before and after comparison for Pixel Perfect:

This is a really basic edit: crop, levels, black and white gradient map, and a free texture from Isabelle Lafrance. Done!

After editing, I decided that it didn't really fit the theme. So I went back into my archives, found another one, did some more editing, and ended up with this:

And I love it! So THIS is my entry for Destiny's challenge. I used the Heartland PSE action from Pioneer Woman (converted by Rita from CoffeeShop) and lowered it to taste, plus the XSGrunge texture from Shadowhouse Creations.

Do you agree with my choice of photo for this challenge?


Bethe77 said...

Yes! I really like your choice alot. Very cool. I like the reflection in the road.

Ashley Sisk said...

I think you've chosen an awesome picture - I should enter this'll have to be an archive but I've got one to contribute too...I think.

Marla said...

Lovely edit. :)

Marla @

Anonymous said...

Freakin' rad! I love the processing! Great job!

Thank you for linking up! :)

creatingme said...

I like both pics, but the last one is awesome. Great edit! I agree...freakin' rad!

kbreints said...

ooooh love your edit on the second one! Fantastic!

Tiffany said...

I like both, both edits are great, but the first one is my favorite. It has such a warm friendly feel to it:) Have a great weekend.

AMY said...

Great pictures!
Great editing.