Saturday, August 13, 2011

SOOC Saturday & iPhonography

So, my wedding is only one week away now! I know I haven't done a legitimate wedding update in a couple months, but let's be honest here. You don't need to know all the details, right?! You just want to see photos after it's all over and done with.

You'll have to excuse my awkwardness right now. I spent most of Thursday preparing and scheduling blog posts for next week, so I can focus on wedding prep in the last few days. I just don't feel up to writing any more posts. So, for today's iPhonography, all you get is one photo and a brief explanation.

Nikon flash + iPhone camera =

This photo is from Matt's graduation back in June. I inadvertently clicked my shutter at the exact moment that the flash fired on my dad's DSLR. However, because the shutter speed on the iPhone's camera can't be adjusted, the result was this freakishly cool capture. This is SOOP (straight out of phone), all I did was resize and watermark.

And I lied earlier. You get more than just one photo; you also get a collage of Matt's graduation:

I covered up the name of his high school for privacy's sake.

SOOC Saturday


Marvelous Mommy said...

Oh wow! That is all one photo?? I was thinking it was 2 photos put together at first! That's amazing! You could never do that again if you tried!! :-)

Thanks for linking up today! I hope you join us again next week! BTW I love your "Peace, Love, Happiness" signature!!

Courtney said...

That is freakishly cool! Hope all the wedding prep is going well. CONGRATS, GIRL!