Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Summer Sunset

Today's theme for KK's texture challenge is orange. My husband's favorite color. (Side note - It's weird referring to Jon as my husband.) However, rather than photograph one of the 3,498,657 orange objects in our condo, I went for something else. A sunset.

Because that's really unique. [/sarcasm]

Actually, I chose this sunset photo because I had been using it to practice adjusting sliders in ACR, and I liked the glow of the clouds. I used the Hue/Saturation adjustment in pse8 to make the orange tones more vibrant. Click here to see my photo before I added texture.

Here is my end result:

Here are my layers in pse8:

I ended up moving the Hue/Saturation layer up to the top to ensure that the tones of the textures weren't overpowering. I also added a Gaussian Blur to both layers of the warm sun texture.

PS - I am on my cruise right now! This post was scheduled, and I have NO internet access. Will somebody pretty please take a moment to check the list over at Kim Klassen's blog and add my link in? Thank you!


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Ashley Sisk said...

Absolutely beautiful!