Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Clicked & Captured - Warmth

Hannah over at Click and Captured started up a new photo challenge.

This week's theme is warmth, so I am using this photo of a JMJ statue that Jon and I inherited from his grandma. I took it on my iphone and processed using the Instagram app.

For so many reasons, it warms my heart to see this statue standing on our mantle. First, I love that we have something of his grandma's, especially because it's something that meant a lot to her. She had this on her dresser, across from her bed, so she could see it every day. Second, it is now located on OUR mantle - mine and Jon's. I love being able to say "our" when I talk about stuff in OUR condo. I love that I am madly in love with this man and we have a wonderfully happy future waiting for us. And third, this the true meaning of Christmas; the birth of the Son.

I'm also using this for Faith's Simplicity Photography Challenge (theme - your favorite photo) and for Leigh's Happiness Project.



fairchildstreet said...

Lovely. Charmaine

Faith said...

Thanks so much for linking up!! :)