Monday, December 20, 2010

TMMaPC - Christmas Past

2 Moms Made a Photo Challenge is back! They are starting up again, using the theme of Christmas Past to get us all reminiscing.

I went back to 2007 for this photo of Jon, my fiance, and our little stuffed turtle, Shampoo. Our first stuffed baby.

Hi, Baby.

I also put together this sweet collage of some more photos from December 2007.

1. I love this photo of Jon peeking over my shoulder. I love it even though I am out of focus and my camera at the time was a POS point-and-shoot that was being held together by sc0tch tape.

2. I worked for a party company, and we used to dress up as elves to do face-painting. This is me with another elf and our boss's daughter.

3. I loved painting my own face!

4. Winter wonderland

5. Carolers at a party

6. Our family Christmas photo. I'm not sure why I picked a gray sweater and a pink tank top. It looks awful.

7. A tree in a nearby town. I worked at the ceremony doing face-painting. I remember driving home with ice and sleet all over the roads. I had to pull over and scrape my windshield while wearing an elf costume.

8. Winter river scene

9. My boss's son that I tutored for a year until he was able to switch from a self-contained class into a literacy-based class.

10. Shampoo's Christmas outfit. Yes, I used to dress him up. Just wait til I have a real baby.


Ashley Sisk said...

I love that he's holding the turtle like a baby - how sweet

Hart Johnson said...

I snorted at Jon and the turtle. That collage is way cool!

Joni said...

too cute. I love that name, shampoo!

Mrs Mar said...

What a cool name to call a Turtle. How did it come about that.