Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Rain Bokeh

I almost wasn't going to participate in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge today. The theme is Gratitude, and I was seriously uninspired.

When I was going through my google reader yesterday, I was catching up on all the blog-reading I missed last week due to the holiday. So many, many bloggers posted quotes about gratitude and giving thanks. So, I decided to do up a photo last minute using a gratitude quote.

I found this photo of bokeh created by raindrops shining in the setting sun, and I thought it fit this quote perfectly:

Gratitude is an art of painting adversity into a lovely picture. 

After processing in LR3, I used one layer of subtly yours on multiply at 69%.



Rosie said...

Love the moody rainy shot Amy - very cool!!

Deborah said...

I'm glad you decided to post, this is an amazing photo, and your quote is perfect!

Pat Mark said...

I LOVE the quote. You came up with a truly inspired addition to TT. Very pretty.

T Opdycke said...

Beautiful bokeh blended with texture sure created a stunning image.

Angie said...

Stunning photograph! Love the bokeh. I am a bokeh freak, and you've done an awesome job here with it.

Lovely texture, too. :)

kareninkenai, artist said...

wonderful abstract; great use of color and texture. thank you. {texture tuesdays}

Henrietta said...

Beautiful bokeh and so good quote.

Anonymous said...

Lovely image and quote!

Desirae R said...

This is beautiful!

Also I have given you the versatile blogger award. You can see more about it on this post: http://blog.desiraer.com/?p=586

Sylvia said...

This is so beautiful, Amy !
Lovely photo and quote !
Wish you a nice weekend,