Sunday, January 08, 2012

Exploring the Deck

If you remember, last week, I introduced you all to Katniss, the calico cat that Jon and I are probably keeping. (Click here if you missed it.) We have been figuring out the best way to have a cat in a moderately-sized condo on an upper floor. This cat was used to coming and going, inside or out, at her own leisure. Unfortunately, our complex doesn't allow pets to run loose on the property. Jon has tried "walking" her with very little success.

So, yesterday, I brought her out onto our little deck. It gets a good amount of sunlight, but the railing has large gaps on the bottom. She easily fits under it, so we were nervous that she would try to jump off. After bringing her out, almost immediately after her paws hit the wooden planks, she walked straight over the railing and slipped underneath.

But she didn't jump off.

I think she realized that it was too high up for her to jump.

Smart kitty!

We stayed out there for a short while, maybe 20 minutes. 
While I played Tiny Tower and did sudoku, she 
walked back and forth across the deck.

She would sit under the railing at one end, keeping watch for a few minutes, 
then go across and sit under the railing at the other end.

And she seemed satisfied with this activity, so I let her go.

Just before we went back inside, she gently kissed our tortoise goodbye.

*Not a real tortoise, although Jon wishes it was.

All of these photos were taken with my brother's Nikon D3000,
and processed in LR3 using my own preset, Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Yes, I made presets based on the Twilight movies.


Edit Me said...

Such a pretty kitty! :)

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I love calico cats! I had one growing up! Thanks for the comment! Coloring takes me back, too! There are some fun things about having a kid that make you feel like a kid again!