Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Lightbox

Sarah from Naptime Momtog and Ashley from Ramblings & Photos have started a new meme! This link-up is called Tutorial Tuesday. They will give us a challenge or a new tutorial, and we post our results.

Tutorial Tuesday

The challenge this week was building a lightbox. I was so excited about this! I had been looking to make one for so long; this was exactly the nudge I needed to go through with it. I used the empty box from my pretty KitchenAid mixer, and some tissue paper for the windows. I took this photo with my iPhone right after I made the box. I ended up adding more white board, since my original piece was not quite wide enough.

I don't have ANY portable lighting, so I had to shoot some photos during the day. I used sunlight streaming in through the top and left side windows to get this photo:

My hubby's corsage from our wedding. ♥

Awhile ago, I found a setting on my point and shoot where I can adjust exposure somewhat. It's not quite the same as manually setting shutter speed and aperture on a DSLR, but it's better than nothing. That's why this photo is a bit darker than I would prefer. Additionally, I should have used some of my whiteboard on the right side to eliminate the shadows. Before I play with this lightbox more, I want to get my hands on some portable lighting. What I am happy with: the seamless background and lack of distractions.

This week's theme doesn't really include a focus on editing our photos, but I wanted to show off my edit anyway:

Steps don't matter, but my basic gist is that I cropped and straightened, adjusted WB using the eyedropper, and did a quick color pop with rounded corners. That's all!


leavesnbloom said...

That's a lovely still life composition.

Kaylene said...

Isn't addictive, I just want to try every thing. I like the fact that the sun light has worked.

Casey Martinez said...

Beautiful subject choice and nice composure. Well done!

Branson said...

Absolutely lovely! Did you see how Ashley used a flashlight in hers? I never would have thought of that!

Pam Bowers said...

Gorgeous! It was the nudge for me to make a lightbox too.

Now, I want to see your cute lil mixer. I got a light pink one(the breast cancer colors). Can I just say...looooove!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful job! Such a pretty subject!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your box set up looks great and I love what you did with the shot. Great work.

Holly said...

Love your beautiful!