Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fix It Friday #69

Disclaimer: This is not my photo. I did not take it.
Copyright belongs to iheartfaces and the original photographer.

I am still using my trial of LR3. Part of me absolutely loves it and craves a full copy of it. But part of me thinks it's wholly unecessary and just too complicated. Anyway, here is the original photo:

Here is a black and white preset edit:

Here is a color preset edit:

Here is my own color edit:

Honestly, I am NOT feeling any of these edits.
It's a gorgeous photo, full of love and happiness;
I am just lacking inspiration.


Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Love your colour preset edit.

I ADORE LR3 and having used the Beta version for an age and then the trial for a month, I knew I could not live with out it! It can do so much and so quickly.
I love that it can batch edit a whole load of pictures in seconds. If you edit the first one taken in a certain light you can then copy the settings to all the others taken in that location/light and then if you want to do anything else the editing is just minor tweaks! I ADORE that feature. Batch editing is something that just cannot be done in PSE unless I were able to shoot RAW (which I can't atm), and even then not so easily.
I also LOVE that I can publish everything straight to Flickr and embed all my copyright data in the exif. That way I can make my images public, but can always prove they are mine without having to scrawl watermarking all over them. I can publish straight to Facebook now too (but it I'm not sure about the embedded data there). If I did want to put a watermark on though it would do that for me on export/publishing too!
I love that LR3 feels like 'touch of a button' editing ~ so simple and easy for well taken shots. I use it mainly to enhance what I take usually, rather than change. Then if I really want to get fancy with smoothing, textures, backgrounds, framing and that kind of stuff I can easily move the basic edit into PSE, and back again when I am done.
I was fortunate enough to be able to get a student and teacher edition as I home-educate my children and my eldest son is also a keen photographer, but in all honesty, I think I would have saved up for it otherwise!! For a jpg shooter it is a real MUST HAVE imo!! Perhaps if I had a CS... (full Photoshop) I might not be so devoted. Perhaps if I were only shooting in RAW and could use ACR more effectively I might feel LR was a little unnecessary, but I am not and so for me it feels pretty essential right now!!

Did I sell it to you? ;)!!

Amy said...

I like the little tweaks, and the presets for batch editing. Being that I am not a professional photographer (yet?), though, it doesn't seem like a worthwhile investment. I only edit my photos for fun, as I am not selling them, and I prefer SOOC shots anyway. And I don't mind watermarking bc I only do it for photos I put on here. When I sign a photo, I save 2 copies - one with the watermark and one without.

Thanks for trying to sell it to me, though! If I was a pro right now, getting paid for my photography, I would definitely spend the money and I wouldn't regret it. It's just not the right program for me right now. ;)