Friday, September 17, 2010

PSF - Becoming an Aunt

Before I get on to my photo story, I want to link back to some posts that I recently read and really appreciated, for various reasons:

Plate giveaway from Marlis: These plates are uber-cute and so creative. Marlis handpaints them and she is giving one away! You should definitely go see for yourself, and comment, too! There are so many special occasions that can be commemorated, from birthdays to weddings, from births to graduations. You could even get one for a season or a holiday - imagine a Christmas tree, or a Halloween pumpkin, or a bright, summer sun.

A new post from my dad: He gets pretty bummed when he doesn't get many comments, but he doesn't really listen to my tips. I tell him, he needs to post more often, and he needs to do some blogger-networking. Regardless, he put up some really neat photos that you should see.

An interview with a point-and-shot photog: I'm back to using my Samsung point-and-shoot as my main camera since I had to give back the Canon I was borrowing my fiance's SIL. I've been seeing a vast improvement in a lot of the photos I am taking with the Samsung since I discovered the few manual settings that I can adjust. As much as I do want a DSLR, I am a huge advocate for using the camera you have to the best of YOUR abilities.

The past few days, Jon and I have been dealing with a disappointing turn of events. See, his job right now is okay, but it is not ideal for our plan for the future. It has its pros and cons; unfortunately, the cons are starting to outweigh the pros. We were hoping to get him a new full-time job so he could decrease his hours at his current job to 1 or 2 shifts a week.

He recently interviewed for an entry level job that had several opportunities for advancement early on. We were so excited about this job! Great benefits, raises every few months, a steady schedule...

He didn't get the job. Both of us were crushed, after really betting on him being hired. In our defense, though, at his second interview, they gave him a start date, a benefits package, and a training schedule. Really?!? Why would you raise someone's hopes like that, and then email him a few days later saying, "Thanks, but no thanks?"

Not cool.

Luckily, someone else in the family has good news! Jon's brother and SIL have generously provided me with 2 nieces and a nephew so I don't have to wait for my older brother to find a good girl, settle down, get married, and then start his own family.

First up is Jack. He's cool enough that Jon and I want him to be one of our ring bearers. (Chill out, I know he's not a baby anymore. I just don't have any other pictures of me and him.)

Next up is Addie. She's cool because she loves to snuggle.

And then comes Jordan. She's not cool, she's AWESOME! I am totally allowed to have a favorite niece/nephew, and this little midget got the title of favorite niece from the first moment I saw her.

And here's the news: That little midget is going to be a big sister! Yes, Melis over at The Zookeeper's Diary is pregnant again! We won't get to meet the baby until our wedding in August, so it'll be 5 months old already.

Nonetheless, it's very exciting. I mean, I never expected to have 2 (3?) nieces and a (2?) nephew(s) by the time I got married. Even when I was younger, I knew I'd be settled down with a family well before my brother was, so I figured I'd have my own babies before I was blessed with the title of "aunt."

I won't be able to spoil these midgets as much as I wish I could, since they live so far away. But we can send them stuff! Jon and I picked out some special presents for them when we were in Florida. I already have several ideas for things to send in the future, so be prepared, Melis! ;)

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Safire said...

I love being an aunt too! Congrats on your news.

Mrs Mar said...

Congrtas to your SIL, I wish my babies were little again, I love littel tiny babies.

THANKS, for mentioning my post, I hope more people join in and I can do the give away soon.

Melis said...

Hahaha, I don't know even what to say about this post because it just made me smile. Hahahaha, I don't know if it's funnier that I'm on kid #4 or that I can't tell who looks younger: you or Jack... I think it's sweet that you're happy to be "Auntie Amy" (I like the -ie on Aunt... don't ask me why) and I'm glad that I can provide your kidlet fix every once in a while (come visit!). I'm bummed to hear about Jon's job, but maybe it'll end up being a good thing - everything has a reason... some of my best job interviews were the ones that didn't result in a job because it made me rethink my interview strategies and reexamine my resume... *sigh* still, the stress isn't something you guys need. I'll keep my fingers crossed!