Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vacation wrap-up

Sadly, our vacation did come to an end. It was 4 weeks ago yesterday that we flew home from Orlando, but it feels like it was 4 months ago. I miss the carefree attitude, the excitement, the consistent weather...

Our flight was mid-afternoon, so we were able to take one last trip along I-drive that morning.

Again, yes, I love JetBlue. No, I didn't get compensated. They don't know me. But I love them anyway.

The first half of our flight was quiet and steady, no bumps or ruts.

However, once we got closer to the Northeast, we hit LOTS of turbulence. Basically, the last hour of the flight was nerve-wracking. You can really see the variance in the clouds in this photo because I desaturated it. That storm there under the wing? It was bad.

Our pilot took us off to the right of the storm to avoid it, but that meant I could see the whole thing out my window. Thanks, Mr. Pilot, as if I wasn't freaking out already from the entire plane shaking and jumping 25,000 feet above the ground.

As much as I wish we could have stayed in Florida, I was VERY glad to be safe on the ground. And my newest stuffed baby, Domo, was also pretty glad he was off the plane.

He's a cutie, right?! I can't wait to insert him into random photo shoots. I got the inspiration from Bec over at the iheart blog. So, be prepared to see his smiling face every so often. ;)


Mrs Mar said...

Those cloud photos are amazing. Esspily the one under the plain.

Hart Johnson said...

Those ARE some great skies! I like the increasing clouds as a way to demonstrate the weather difference.--Very graphic and fitting. (Love Domo!)

Anonymous said...

Those are some AMAZING sky shots!!