Monday, September 06, 2010

Sea World - photo overload!

On our fourth day in Orlando, we went to lunch at Planet Hollywood.

Planet Hollywood is right by Downtown Disney, which has this cool balloon ride.

After lunch, we decided last-minute to go to Sea World. I had heard about the Twilight Ticket a few weeks ago when another blogger also went to Orlando, and it seemed like a really great deal.

It definitely was! If you go after 3 pm, the tickets are half-price. Since Jon and I have been there numerous times, we didn't think it'd be necessary to spend a whole day there. Being able to save some money while still enjoying ourselves was well worth it. We didn't go on any rides, but I stood by the fence watching the new Kraken rollercoaster for quite awhile.

They also added a new aquarium that has a stingray tank above your head!

It was hard as hell to capture this school of fish with my point and shoot camera, because I can't adjust shutter speed.

We spent a great deal of time in the Penguin House because it is air-conditioned and because we all love penguins.

There were storm clouds on the horizon all day, but it didn't rain at all.

We had specifically made time to go hang out by the Arctic caves because Jon really loves polar bears. Of course, he was sleeping. (The polar bear, I mean, not Jon.)
*I tried the new trend of adding grain to a photo. Why is that IN now?!?

Towards the end of the day, we headed toward the Shamu Stadium for my favorite show, Shamu Rocks.

I saved our seats and munched on some futuristic ice cream while Jon and our friends went on a scavenger hunt for some drinks.

Woo, Shamu! These whales are just so majestic and so powerful. If I wasn't deathly afraid of water deeper than my waist, I would want to be a trainer at Sea World.


Melis said...

Three things: A) I didn't know you were afraid of water! B) It's been bothering me for like a week that I couldn't remember where Kraken was (we watched "Clash of the Titans" recently) so thank you! and C) I'm totally not on board with the "grainy" trend either - blech. I guess there are just some trends I can't stomach... like grainy pictures and high-waisted, high-ankle skinny pants with socks and pumps. Gag, gag gag!

Mrs Mar said...

Wish they had theme parks like that here :(

Love the photo of the rollercoaster splashing through the water.