Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hugs from Henry

For all my photographer friends:

Faith from Simplicity is spearheading this project called
Hugs From Henry - Love Lucas.

This project is being organized to raise money for a little boy named Lucas who has Down's. He needs physical therapy in order to learn how to walk, and to develop his motor skills.

I know all about family struggles with disabled children, and I know how costly therapy can be. My own younger brother received speech, oral motor, physical, occupational, and vision therapy as a child, and he is still entitled to these services.

Those services have pretty hefty price tags, and not everything is covered by insurance (even though it should be, but let's not go there).

So, Faith is forming a collaboration of photographers to volunteer to take photos of Lucas' sock monkey, Henry, as he travels around the world. Once all of the photos have been gathered, Faith will create a book of these photos, and all proceeds from book sales will then go to Lucas' family to help defray the cost of his physical therapy.

This whole story is very close to my heart, as are all those that involve children with special needs. I strongly encourage all of my photographer friends to go look at Faith's blog post about this project, and consider joining in.

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Mrs Mar said...

I think that is a grate idea, my mother is a special needs teacher (or was) she dose dance and drama now. I injoyed helping out with her and the kids somtimes during lunch. They are always so happy and loving.