Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet my bridesmaids!

From left to right:
Caitlin, she basically rocks.
T, my best friend from high school (even though we went to different high schools), who is my maid of honor.
K, who has been friends with me forever... We expect her to be engaged any day now.
L, who has also been friends with me forever.

S, a cousin, another bridesmaid.
A, another cousin, my junior bridesmaid.

Jon and I have decided not to have a flower girl because his nieces are too young (in my opinion) and all of my cousins are too old. We are going to have two ring bearers - his nephew/godson, Jack, and my little cousin, Jake. We are also going to have Jake's brother, Josh, bring up flowers for the Blessed Mother.


Allie said...

Love the picture! You need to go check out my blog! Go here:

Mrs Mar said...

How fun, how are the plans coming along?

Gail said...

Wow! Gorgeousness all round! You are having a big bridal party! Hope it's all coming together easily and how you envision it!!