Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RAW(e) - one(5)

Don't fall off your chair now, but here is an entry for Sami's challenge, RAW(e). She took a few weeks off (she had a baby, totally acceptable), and then I took a few weeks off (laziness is not acceptable). But we are both back and ready for some RAW(e) photos! (And yea, she's been back doing this challenge for longer than I have... I just finally started linking up again.)

So, this week's theme is one(5). First folder, 5th photo. This photo is from my first November folder in my 2010 folder. All I did was watermark and resize for web.


RAW(e) is run by Sami.
The only photos allowed are those that are


Serline said...

Beautiful fall (?) colors... somewhat HDResque.

Diane said...

Great landscape shot! Looks similar to what I see here in NY. :O)