Sunday, October 10, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Ribbons


Color splash photos are those that have been converted to black and white, but one object (or several small objects) has (have) been left colored. Sometimes, it's easy to just isolate your colored object and you're done. Other times, more editing is required, such as adjusting color levels/light/shadow/etc.

This week's theme is Rainbow. I didn't necessarily mean a REAL rainbow, more like stripes or polka dots with at least 3 colors. I got the inspiration for this theme from a photo that my fiance's SIL had taken. It was her twin girls wearing some rainbow baby leggs, and I had used selective coloring to emphasize the stripes and polka dots.

I wanted to use a different photo for this theme, so I have been searching for the perfect object to photograph. Let me tell you, it is HARD to find rainbow stripes or polka dots in my life. I don't have access to any babies or kids to model for me, and none of my clothing has rainbows.

Then, late last night, as I was on my way out the door, I walked past these ribbons on the bookshelf in my parents' house.



Shell said...

I couldn't resist entering when I saw the theme! Thanks for hosting!

Mrs Mar said...

Didn't know when the rainbow theme would be, I saw so Many rainbows here (just shows what the weather was like) But I will be back next weekend. I can't wait. Till next week.