Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spider bow giveaway winner!

I've decided to end the spider bow giveaway a little early. I was a little disappointed by the lack of entries, not to mention that Halloween is this weekend. (I totally spaced and thought it was next week.) Thanks to the 3 people who entered.

I used to pick a winner.

Congrats to Grace Greene on winning the spider bow handmade by Brandi! Grace, I've emailed you and forwarded your email address to Brandi, who will be sending you the bow.

So, are my readers not really feeling the whole giveaway thing? I'm not going to waste my time arranging for any more, if no one wants them. I don't mind at all, so please be honest. I can easily cancel the ones I had planned, or switch them to my book blog.

While we are sort of on the topic of what YOU want, I want to know what you all want to read here. I have a big focus on photography, of course, because it's easy to post photos. What else? Do you want more wedding planning details? Updates on my personal life? The reason why I photographed some keys a few weeks ago? How about my other creative hobbies? There's plenty of those, for sure. I also want to post some of my teaching tidbits that would be helpful for all you mommas with toddlers and elementary-age kids. Would anyone read those posts? Feedback, please!

Thank you!


EmmaSue said...

I personally love to just enter photos and share them. Along with seeing others photos. So basically I don't enter challenges for prizes, course its always a nice addition :) Hope you can figure soemthing out. I have added your blog button to my blog in hopes to help ya!


EmmaSue said...

hmm thought I had posted a comment on this post. I just wanted to say that I just love entering and participating I don't do it for any prizes. I just find it fun in general. Although a prize is always an added fun thing.

Hope things work out and that you keep doing this. I am looking forward to participating more. I've added your button to my blog in hopes of more traffic and participation for you.