Friday, October 29, 2010

Macro Friday #23

I forgot to edit a macro photo for last week,
so I made sure to do it last night.
I like this overlay from Coffeeshop A LOT!!

I am just 5 weeks away from going back into the office full-time. Only 5 more weeks of hotels and driving around New England and searching for bookstores to get free internet. As much fun as I am having meeting new people, visiting state parks, and photographing fall, I am more and more anxious to get home to my fiance. It's hard being away from him so often. Thus, I am so incredibly grateful that I do get to go home to him every weekend; we are never apart for more than a few days.

Wow, that paragraph was supposed to be about blogging, not about Jon. My original train of thought was along the lines of getting back into a routine with blogging and reading and commenting, but apparently I have other things on my mind. ;)


Hannah M said...

Really love what you did with it! Lovely!

Wendy said...

Nice overlay - adds a festive touch! Hope the counting of the days goes quickly!

lisa said...

This is just gorgeous Amy! Glad you don't have to travel much longer. I am sure it is very hard. Have a wonderful day!