Thursday, April 28, 2011

Before and After - Me

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, specifically planning to convert to black and white. After editing, I completely forgot about it! Earlier today, I found the Little Somethings Photo Challenge, and the theme is black and white, so it's perfect!

I love my long hair. I've been actively growing it out since my sophomore year of college, which was 7 years ago. (Ugh. I'm old.). My plan is to keep it long for my wedding, and chop it all off to donate in between the wedding and the honeymoon.

I also wanted to show off a Before & After of this shot prior to converting to b&w. I used the M4H Newbie (newborn) Fix, which automatically removes red spots from skin. (This is a freebie from her fb page.) I did my usual levels and sharpening before running the action, tweaked the layers, removed the toning to give a softer feel, and also removed more red after the action was finished.


Karen D said...

love the angles of your hands holding the camera, great shot.

Nicolasa said...

I like this in Black and White!