Saturday, April 09, 2011

GINORMOUS Wedding Update

Because I promised it, oh, about 2 weeks ago. Or maybe it was 3 weeks ago.

Regardless, I should have gotten around to it sooner.

So, we have gotten a lot done in the past few weeks months. Here is most of our progress, more or less in order from ages ago until today:

--I had picked a theme and 2 main colors, so we have been planning favors and placecards around that theme. I also bought a wedding wish box that was personalized with my colors. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I highly recommend the vendor! Email me if you want more info, yma367 at

--We reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel for our out-of-town guests.

--We bought Jon's band. We had gone to get my engagement ring and wedding band cleaned and inspected, and all the stars were aligned that day. The jeweler was having a sale, they had exactly what we were looking for (tungsten), and the band he tried on fit him perfectly, so we were able to take it home that day.

--We paid another deposit on our venue for the reception.

--My bridesmaids' dresses came in, and 2 of them have tried the dress on, as well as my junior bridesmaid. My dress was ordered back in September, and I am really anxious for it to come in!

--We picked our photographer and signed the first agreement to book our date. This was the hardest decision for me, by far. Long story: I was much too picky as I scoured the websites of all the local photogs, and by the time I had picked the one I loved the most, she was already booked for our date. Thus, I had to start over. When I had finally narrowed it down (again), I realized that the ones I want are just too expensive for our budget, regardless of how badly I want high quality and exceptional photos. Just as I about to give up and hire some random person pretending to a cheap "professional" photog (which I now know doesn't exist), one of the professional photogs that I can't afford pointed me in the direction of his new company. A group of professional wedding photogs in my area has gotten together to start a new company. They list the dates that they are free, and if you happen to getting married on one of those dates, then they charge half-price. It's that simple. Of course, once I learned about this, we had signed a contract within a few days.

--I started registries at 3 different stores - Target (my fave), Macy's, and BB&B. My Target registry has all small kitchen items and fun things under $25, my Macy's registry has my china and larger kitchen items, and my BB&B registry has mostly bathroom/bedroom items plus some kitchen items so I can finish making our little condo into a home.

--I got confirmation on our ceremony site. At this point, it's 90% positive that we can get married there, although we do have another church booked just in case. (Read the full story here.)

--Jon picked a DJ and a limo company. I was hoping to spend a little less money on our DJ, but we just got so sick of trying to negotiate, waiting for un-returned phone calls or emails, etc. SO not worth it at this point. As much as I want to save money for our honeymoon and our future together, I do NOT want to pull my hair out planning this wedding. Especially because it's already going gray. (More on that later.)

--I picked out some of the flowers that will go into my bouquet and my girls' bouquets. My mom's friend is really crafty, and she makes silk flower bouquets for weddings. Basically, I gave her some pictures of what I like, and she is going to design the bouquets for me. I'm definitely not picky about that.

--We picked our honeymoon and it's been booked. We are going to be cruising from New York City to Port Canaveral in Florida, and then on to the Bahamas. It's my first sea voyage, so I am super excited! I've gotten lots of advice from people who have gone on cruises before, even been on the specific ship we will be on, which is definitely helpful. I also confirmed my vacation days at work - 3 days before the wedding, the Monday following, and then the entire week after for the honeymoon.

--I picked a hairstyle. I saw it on TV, but I am having a hell of a time trying to find a picture of it.

--I designed and ordered our invites. They are plain and simple, with black and red lettering and a quote from one of our favorite songs. I'll show you the final proof when I get it.

--We picked gifts for our parents. I also picked gifts for my bridesmaids and ordered them. I just have to pick out necklaces, because I want to buy their jewelry.

--For the ring bearers, I bought personalized backpacks that I am going to fill with crayons, markers, coloring books, snacks, juice boxes, and small toys, to keep them entertained that day. For my junior bridesmaid, I bought a personalized tote bag, and I am going to get her a necklace to match the bridesmaids.

I think that's pretty much everything. There's still so much that needs to be done: passports, tuxes, my dress fittings, the cake, the cake topper, the menu for the reception... I just hope I don't forget anything!!

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Courtney said...

So exciting, girl! Sounds like everything is really coming together for the wedding! it will be here before you know it. :) Thanks so very much for linking up!