Monday, June 20, 2011

2 months!

2 months until Jonathan and I are married... Finally!

When I met Jon in high school, I never imagined that we would eventually be engaged. We were friends, and I liked him; I wanted to date him. I'm not a believer in "love at first sight," more like an instant connection. So, while marriage was not my ulterior motive when I first met him, I knew I saw him in my future.

I wasn't sure where he would exactly fit in my future because I didn't have a grand scheme. I figured I would go to college, and then get a job. The rest would fall into place.

Now that we are so close to becoming husband and wife, and that part of my future is becoming the present, it seems like everything has fallen into place. I've enjoyed the past few years of going with the flow and taking life one day at a time. I'm ready for the next stage of life; I'm ready to make some tentative plans for the rest of my future.

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Ashley said...

LOVE these pictures! Such a pretty ring. So exciting that it's so close!