Monday, June 13, 2011

MPM & i heart faces Challenge - Bright and Vivid

I'll start with the i heart faces challenge. Here's how they explain this theme:

This could be through the colors that are in your photo, the personality that is shining through or any other way you choose to show off the theme.

No one has a brighter personality than my little brother, Matty. He is always cheerful, and he doesn't like to see anyone upset, so he does whatever he can to make people happy.

I hope this works, even though his face is turned to the side. I just love the big smile!

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And now for Menu Planning Monday.

Today - 7 layer salad
This is already prepared and in the fridge so the dressing can set. My eyes are still twitching from cutting up the green onions.

Tuesday - On the go
Jon and I have plans for the next 3 Tuesdays; the LOTR movies are being shown in theatres again, and we are going to an IMAX theatre an hour away. Thus, dinner for the next 3 Tuesdays will either be sandwiches or fast food (yuck) so we can eat in the car.

Wednesday - Grilled chicken and a veggie
One of my bridal shower presents from last weekend was a new George Foreman grill, with removable plates! The one we have now doesn't have this feature, so cleaning it is a task that we seriously fight over. Now, we can just pop the plates off and clean them in the sink! I'm uber-excited about this. Way more excited than I expected.

Thursday - Burgers and corn on the cob
As I said last week, this is a summer thing. Even though we can't grill outside, just the meal itself screams summer to me.

Friday - leftovers

If you want to join in with the weekly menu planning, head over to Org Junkie every Monday!


Patty said...

What a neat shot!

Serline said...

You can definitely sense the happiness radiating from his face and body...