Friday, June 25, 2010

Fix It Friday #60

Disclaimer: This is not my photo. I did not take it.
Copyright belongs to iheartfaces and the original photographer.


B&W edit:

First color edit:

Second color edit:

Friday is such a fun day!

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Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

You truly are skilled with an eye for great composition. Love the way your worked with this photo!

kayni said...

hi. i like your blog especially that i love photography too (i'm a newbie). i'm following you. i hope you can visit my home too.

cheri said...

happy nff :)

Ashley said...

Just returning the favor! great blog!!

Anonymous said...

I like your first color edit with the sunny vintage feel.

Serline said...

There's an "unnatural" outline around the boy, makes it look like he was cut from somewhere and pasted there... have a blessed weekend!

Lynda said...

Great edits. Your selective color one is my favorite!

The Mommy said...

Love the last one:)

Elly Yang said...

I love your B&W edit, making the boy stands out. Also, the crop makes the background a lot cleaner. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Nope, I do not sell my actions. There are so many out there that I just don't think it would be worth my time. Plus, they are very true to my own personal style - which took a long time to find - so I would hate to impress that on others and rob them the joy of finding their own bliss. :)

I can tell you though, that I used a vintage way of processing (with a blue and yellow-brown) combo, desat and then a pink (strawberry) wash (low opacity overlay) and a white (true white) wash (low opacity overlay).