Sunday, June 06, 2010

CSS - Yummy Drinks


This week's theme is YOUR CHOICE, which will be the the recurring theme for the first Sunday of every month.

For weeks, I've wanted to share this particular photo that I splashed. It's from Easter weekend. Not only were this margaritas petty to look at, but they were also DELiSH.

I would post the recipe for you, but I can't find it, and all I remember is tequila. Duh.

PhotobucketToys of yesterday: anything you still own from when you were a child. Whether it's a toy, a trinket, a tiny little game piece, something from more than 10 years ago.


beingzaraandzidan said...

firstly thanx for the lovely theme. I have joined in. I love ur photo, looks tempting. U wont belive it, i have color splashed my favourite drink- virgin mary since a very long time & havent got chance to post it. Didnt post it this time as it wud be similar to urs.
Btw, ur next week theme is quite intresting. i have got something from my childhood (stole it from my mum) will def join in.

Sam said...

Great work especially around the shine of the glass! Looks tempting!:)

Melis said...

Check me out - I joined in dude!

The Mommy said...

I seriously thought it was a Pepsi or coke at first (lame me!)
Your shot is perfect for today's weather (whew 90 degrees)

Marlis said...

I also can't wait for next weeks theam, I have both kids playing on a toy from when Mr Mar SR was a kid. Though that isn't THAT long ago, it is still a cool photo.

MMMMMM, drinks Not that I drink often, just once in a blue moon, but now I feel like a good cocktial.

Now I'm off to join in the other entries.

JAMIE ANN said...

Love that picture. It sure is different. Black and White are my fav pics and I love to pop colors. So I had so many to choose from. :) said...

I want to learn how to color splash! HOw cool!!