Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RAW(e) - Summertime


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Shutter Love - Summer Fun

Simplicity Blog Hop - Corners of My Home

I don't have my own home yet; I am still living at my parents' house.
Tucked away, in a corner of the guest room, is this washbowl that used to be my great-grandma's.

PS - I am guest blogging over at The iheart blog today while Bec is on vacation! Head on over there and check it out.


Faith said...

Thanks for linking up! If you want to link it up again with the right photo use the "from file" option, then I'll delete your old one, or you can leave it the way it is.
Linky Tools has been acting really weird the last couple of months. :(

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Simply summer. Nice.

leigh said...

Looks like a lazy summer day!

juliannah said...

Very Nice.

Mama Hen said...

I love summer pictures!The washbowl is great. What a nice passdown from your great grandmother.I have things from my grandparents that I adore.

Mama Hen

The Mommy said...

That looks really nice. I love vintage artifacts.

Sailor and Co said...

Cute :)

Mommy2Four said...

Very cute... love bubbles~!