Saturday, June 12, 2010

Macro Friday #2 (on Saturday)

This is actually week #3 of Macro Friday. Oops!

Slurping Life
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I am in full-on BuNoWriMo REBEL status. As I already mentioned, I am continuing my NaNoWriMo novel from last year. I've decided not to focus on the word count AT ALL. I mean, my main goal at the beginning of the month was to write every day. That's it. While I haven't exactly accomplished that, I'm starting to get back into my groove. Basically, out of nowhere, my main character (who had been sitting in the back in my mind the past few months) pushed herself front and center, and I felt like I NEEDED to write more for her. It also helped that, back in November, I had created a playlist for this novel. So I opened up the playlist, turned the volume up, and just listened.

That's it! That's my mojo. Music. When I heard a song that evoked feelings and helped me SEE the story, then I added it to the list. Listening to the playlist helps me take the visual story in my head and turn it into words. And there are still moments of the story that I see in my head, but I haven't quite gotten to that part of the story yet. I am SO anxious to get there, but I can't rush this.

CSS winner

This past weekend was our first CSS with an open theme. I was nervous; I thought that no one would link up, considering that we had an all-time high last week with 6 entries.

But you all pulled through and linked in some beautiful photos! We also had 3 new participants, and a NEW all-time high with 7 entries! Thanks to all of you! Keep spreading the word and keep splashing color on your photos.

I had to pick a winner on my own this week because Jon's been busy with wedding prep for his best friend's wedding. It was so hard; you have NO idea. I looked at all of the pictures, looked at them again, stared at each one, narrowed it down, stared some more, narrowed it down again, and then stared some more. And then I finally picked one.

Congrats to Sam over at Raising Rida! She is this week's winner with her adorable scarf photo of her baby girl. You get a virtual prize - you get to pick a theme! The next open week is July 18. Once you pick a theme, email me! (My email address can be found in my profile.) You also get this snazzy button to put on your blog for bragging rights.


Laura said...

I love your flower photos. They're always so unique and beautiful. The angle on this one almost makes it look 3D... very neat! Gorgeous shot :)

beingzaraandzidan said...

yippe congrats to the winner. Great choice. i had a feeling she wud get it as that was my fave too/ Woohoo! I am soo happy for Sam at Raising Rida.

The Mommy said...

Yay for the 7 entries! I'm excited:)

K- floortime lite mama said...

I would totally participate in your linky - except for my lack of photographic ability

Anonymous said...

I enlarged the view for this shot. It is fabulous.

Love the color, light, bokeh...everything.

Courtney said...

First, congrats! I think your shot is really nice. I enjoyed it!

Camile Teresa said...

I like this shot!