Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - 5.23.11

I am so excited to be back to planning real meals this week, now that Jon is home again.

Tonight - Pasta fagioli in the crockpot

Tuesday - Leftovers
We need to clean out the fridge from this past weekend.

Wednesday - Burgers
With a random veggie.

Thursday - Chicken
I had leftover honey teriyaki sauce from when I made it in the crockpot a few weeks ago. I think I just going to soak the chicken in the sauce all day, and grill it when we are ready to eat.

Friday - Sloppy joe's
Usually over rice instead of buns, and with a random veggie.

Remember the simple coq au vin in the crockpot that I had mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, it didn't taste as good as it smelled. The sauce was DELiSH, but the chicken (to me) was dry. Jon thought it didn't have enough flavor. I'm not sure if it's because of the adaptations I made, or if I overcooked it. Regardless, I probably won't be making it again. I'm cooking my way through some cookbooks my mom lent me when she lent me her crockpot. I've been keeping copies of the recipes for the meals we like, and I added a crockpot to our wedding registry.

If you want to join in with the weekly menu planning, head over to Org Junkie every Monday!


erinj0 said...

I love the menu plan Monday!!! I might actually have to start doing that, too : )

Cute blog♥

Becca said...

My burger night is tonight...I wonder what veggie we will have lol