Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Gardening

For Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge today, we are supposed to edit our gardening photos using any of her textures.

Here is my textured photo using cinnamon:


Here are my layers:

And here are a couple more gardening shots (non-textured):

I'm considering putting these photos up
in my etsy shop.
What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...


Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful texture work!!

erinj0 said...

I wish I had a talent when it comes to photography. I just point & snap - and whala! :) I really think your pictures are beautiful, though and am quite jealous of your wonderful talent!!

Serline said...

Makes me yearn for my gardening days ;-P

Marilyn said...

Great compositions on all the photos.