Tuesday, May 03, 2011

MPM (on Tuesday) and a new Photo Challenge!

I was WAY too busy yesterday to get this post up, but there's nothing wrong with posting it now, right?!

Jon (for new readers, he's my fiance) is going to be at the corporate office for training for his new job for 2 weeks, starting this weekend. I decided to make some new meals this week, since I'll be eating dinner alone for 2 weeks.

Last night - I made chicken with honey sauce in the crockpot, along with corn for a veggie.
It was basically a homemade honey teriyaki sauce, and the chicken was really moist and tasty... But I had SO MUCH sauce leftover and I have no idea what to do with it.

Tonight - Simple coq au vin in the crockpot.
I made a few adaptations to this recipe, I'm not sure how it will turn out. It definitely smelled good this morning, so if it works, I'll post the recipe.

Wednesday - Steak on the GF grill
With some sort of veggie, of course.

Thursday - I'll be traveling all day (last day of travel for the spring season for my job), so Jon will be eating leftovers.

Friday - breakfast!
Bacon, eggs, and toast. I'll be saving the extra bacon to make a 7-layer salad for next week.

If you want to join in with the weekly menu planning, head over to Org Junkie every Monday!

And now for a new photo challenge... Quotography! This is run by Nicolasa over at My Perspective. This week's theme is Fun.

This makes me giggle every time I look at it! _______________________________________

One last note before I leave - I posted my photo for the April Photo Hunt!
CLICK HERE to see them.


Nicolasa said...

The menu plan looks great! love that photo! The quote is perfect and I 100% agree with it! Thanks for linking up!

Martha (MM) said...

Great menu plan and love the silly photo challenge - yours is great!! I will have to try to play along, I could use some silly stuff in my life lately.

Martha (MM) said...

PS - I'm a new follower :-)

Jan n Jer said...

Makes me laugh too...having fun makes for a good time.

Georgia Girls said...

Cute! Laughing every day reduces stress :)
visiting from quotography

Serline said...

Love your menu plan... and yes, he is silly, sweet silly, that is!