Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Love on Thursday - 5.19.11

I always want to share things with my fellow bloggers, so I try to mix them in with my regular posts. But I get so disorganized, and I can never remember what I have (or haven't) posted. So I am going to do what some other bloggers do and post it once a week. It'll be
Things I Love on Thursday.

First up is music. This is a new song by Andy Grammar. I had never heard of him until I heard this song, but now I love him!

I am really loving the fact that Jon comes home tomorrow! If you recall, he's been gone for 2 weeks for training for his new job. He had to go to a city that is a 5-hour drive away, so I couldn't even go visit him last weekend.

I love that he will be home with me every night, we will be eating dinner together, we can watch more episodes of NCIS on dvd, and it won't be so quiet around the condo anymore.

Remember a few weeks ago, I told you all how much I love netflix? Well, I have to say it again.

I. Love. netflix.

Jon and I use it to watch tv on dvd, and my new favorite is Bones. I love it. And I love having netflix on 5 different devices: Jon's pc, my laptop, the Wii, my iPhone, and Jon's iPod (which BTW, was free through our cable/phone/internet provider. I'm all about free stuff.). So I can watch Bones in the living room, or the computer room, or our bedroom, or the kitchen.

Yes, I also love wireless internet. In the kitchen. I can look up recipes (or watch Bones) while I am making dinner. It's fun.

One last thing before I click Publish...

I love my new signature! I made it myself. It's so PERFECT.


Jackie said...

okay, love the video. Love the cameo of Rainn Wilson. :) Have a great day!

Nicole said...

i love love netflix! its the best! new follower!