Monday, May 09, 2011

Tieing up Loose Ends

The purpose of this post is basically just to update everyone on some little things in my life. If you are reading this in a reader, I'd highly recommend that you click over and see my new header. I'm celebrating spring!

Wedding update: My invitations arrived a couple weeks ago, and they are perfect! They are simple yet stunning, no extra ribbons or cards, no outrageous designs. Just one folded sheet, one insert, and one envelope. (Well, technically, 2... outer and inner. But I'm told that's necessary.) And I'm so happy that the red ink is perfect, not too bright or too dark.

HOWEVER. I am not looking forward to addressing all these bad boys by hand.

Onward. A few weeks ago, I posted photos of the 2nd bathroom in our condo. I finally finished decorating it as I planned, with 3 small square frames and scrapbook paper.

My plan:

How it turned out:

Thank you, iPhone, for some crappy photos. You can't really tell, but the left-side frame has blue & green striped paper, the middle frame has green polka-dotted paper, and the right-side frame has blue tile paper. It looks much cuter in real life.

I also decided to use the small white shelf that I had originally bought for the bathroom, in the dining room. I am almost done with my black and white gallery wall; I am waiting for one thing to come in the mail (something I ordered from etsy), and then I just need to fill up one spot that is approximately 12" x 6".

I completed the April 2011 photo hunt!
CLICK HERE to see my photos.

And last but not least, Menu Plan Monday!

Not much of an exciting menu this week. Jon is away at his new job's corporate office for training, so I'll be eating dinner alone for 2 weeks. I made a big 7-layer salad this morning, and we have some leftover pizza. Later, I'll split the salad up into smaller portions and put it in plastic containers. Honestly, that's about all I have planned for this week.

If you want to join in with the weekly menu planning, head over to Org Junkie every Monday!

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