Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Coffee Mug

This week's Texture Tuesday challenge, Kim Klassen asked us to use a photo of a coffee mug or teacup for our textured photo. I had big plans for this, but of course, big plans don't usually work out the way I expect them to. (That's why 92% of my life is unplanned.)

Anyway, here's my hurried shot with KK's texture mustard seed.

Here's my texture layer (color burn, 100%):

And here are some other adjustments I made (almost fully desaturated at 40% opacity, add brightness, decrease contrast):


Next week's challenge is...
NO CHALLENGE... just share your fav textured photo of the moment....

So you should join in, too!


Anne U said...

Awesome shot, great silhouette.

Anonymous said...

How fun. And I really love the silhouette with your mug!

Linda Makiej said...

Lovely photo here!!

Kim Klassen said...

wonderful set up and processing... very cool.

thanks for linking up with TT....xxo, kim