Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Vintage Amy!

For KK's Texture Tuesday challenge today, we are supposed to work around one theme: Vintage. I took a photo of a vintage photo, and added some vintage processing. Then I added KK's Celebrate January 21 texture on soft light at ~75%.

I loved Minnie Mouse when I was a kid, still do, in fact! I had stuffed Minnie's everywhere, toys, clothes, pj's, slippers, sunglasses, the whole she-bang. I have the cutest photo of me as a kid with my Minnie ensemble; I wish I could find it.

And yea, that photo is definitely vintage! I was about 3 years old, which makes it over 22 years old. I know it's kinda verging on retro, but I think the vintage processing makes it work.


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Amarie said...

Sweet! Thanks so much for stopping by!