Thursday, February 11, 2010

2-hour delay

My plans for today were fairly simple: observations at an elementary school for 2 hours, then work at 1pm. However, Mother Nature wanted to get back at me for calling her weather-confused. It snowed all day yesterday, which I did not mind. I needed the snow day off from work and tutoring to do some planning and creating. So, it continued snowing into the night and then the temperature dropped to about 16 degrees. That makes ice, which in turn leads to dangerous roads, and the buses really shouldn't be driving on icy, dangerous roads. The result? 2-hour delay. So I couldn't do my observations today.

Lack of activities led me to call Jon and ask his advice on how to spend my morning. his first suggestion: "Blog." Seriously! He seems to enjoy this new hobby of mine, I'm not quite sure why.

But I can't just blog about nothing. I need a topic, something to blab about. Lack of topic led me to surf the web. Upon finding a pse tutorial, I decided to do some photo editing. This is the result:

These are some fake flowers that I photographed back in the fall. There was an abundance of natural light coming through the window, but I had been doing some experimenting with shadows. So, in pse, I played with the light a bit. I was trying to brighten up the flowers, but I actually like the background being brighter instead.

Okay, I'm off to some other creative activities now.

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