Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's Talk About Love

I am in a relationship, a fairly serious one. It's not the wild and crazy and passionate (well, okay, it is sometimes) relationships from high school and college. But I love the relationship I am in. It's serious, and equal, and brutally honest. We've known each other for about 9 years (since high school), and have been dating solidly for the past 3 years. Our anniversary is today was this past Friday! It's actually a great story, but he gets embarrassed when I tell it, so I'll condense (or try to).

I liked him in high school, but he "didn't get it." So he dated someone else. I'll be nice and just say that no one liked her. They broke up in freshmen year of college, but I was already in a different relationship by then. We lost touch for a bit, but randomly reconnected in my senior year of college. (He was taking a break from school.) Sure, we were both single, but I didn't expect it to turn into anything. So why the heck was I visiting him at work? And why was he constantly texting me? And why were we making out in his car? Odd.

The official start of our relationship was February 26th, 2007, even though our friendship began so much earlier and even though we both must have known we'd end up together from the very first kiss (which I remember very clearly; it was awesome). The date is just something nice for us, a good excuse to eat somewhere expensive, until we have a different date to celebrate.

Yes, we've talked about marriage. Alot. It's just not right for us yet. I'm crazy busy with classes, we're both still living at home, and weddings are so unnecessarily expensive. But we've I've already started planning certain details. It's my unplanned wedding.

So, I had typed this post up 2 days prior to our anniversary and had planned on posting it on Friday. But this freak blizzard hit the northeast and we lost power. It still isn't back on at my house; luckily, it's on at his house.

We didn't get to do our special dinner; we ate at my house with my family, but there WAS candelight!

And we've been crazy busy hanging out with his brother and SIL (Melissa from The Zookeeper's Diary) and their 3 midgets. Jon is godfather to his nephew, which he's really proud of, so I'm extremely appreciative of their efforts to include us during their time up here.

All in all, it's not the special weekend full of quality alone time that we had wanted, but it's still been fun, despite my lack of proof. There has been absolutely no option for picture-taking this weekend - my camera is back at the dorm, my dad's camera battery is dead, and the family camera is a POS. No big deal, memories are more important anyway.


Camile Teresa said...

Aw, what a sweet story! It sounds like you two were meant to find each other (again)!

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Very cute story! It must be something with the name but I share your bafrefootedness and hippieness too! Thanks again for the shoutout! I am not much of a commenter but know that I will be here reading often! said...

what a great love story!!!