Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Today is Black and White Wednesday, run by Lisa over at The Long Road to China. I have been pretty faithful (since the start of my blog) about taking part of this, but I won't be able to today. I was entirely too busy during the first half of my day, and then I had tutoring. I suppose I could have done some editing after tutoring, but I decided to go to a prayer service instead.

I have been a Roman Catholic for my whole life; I've only ever attended Catholic schools (except for kindergarten). But I prefer to keep my spirituality private. I will probably never blog about it. But I felt it deserved mentioning.

I found a mommyblog through another one, and it's also worth mentioning. It's called Enjoying the Small Things and it's written by Kelle. Not only is she gorgeous and blessed enough to have 2 equally gorgeous little girls, but she is also an amazing writer and an amazing photographer. You should go read her thoughts.


Melis said...

So.... what are you giving up? Anything? I was thisclose to giving up Facebook but I need a 12-step program for that... So I'm thinking of adding something instead... Like doing something kind for someone else every single day... I'm still working on coming up with something good and I try to make my Lenten promises last forever, not just the 40 days until Easter, so if I get started a little late, meh. Oh, wait, isn't that what New Year's resolutions are for? Hm... I'm a little behind the curve here.

Amy said...

Chocolate. I eat it every day, and I figured trying to give it up for a month and a half would be better on my teeth.

Melis said...

Ooooh challenging. You're a stronger woman than I... If someone told me I couldn't have Nutella, I'd tell them I didn't want the breath in my lungs. Good luck!