Thursday, February 04, 2010

Senses, Part I - Smell

I have sensitive senses. I tend to miss the big picture and instead focus in on the tiny details. This past Tuesday, I had an oddly heightened sense of smell. I smelled so many intriguing odors in just one day, that I just had to write them all down.

  • cinnamon oatmeal, as I ate breakfast.
  • Love Spell perfume, as I got dressed.
  • mistletoe car gel, as I drove to the middle school.
  • pen ink, as I took notes during my observation.
  • hash browns, as I ate lunch.
  • hot chocolate, as I read in the library.
  • oranges, as I sat in class and we all had our snacks.
  • coffee, as I meandered around Barnes&Noble.
  • Dove soap, as I showered.
  • toothpaste, as I brushed my teeth.

The best scent of the day, by far, was not one that can be named. I came back to the dorm after a long day of running around, threw myself on my bed, and buried my face in my pillow. It smelled so delicious - a mixture of my own scent, detergent, leftover Jon scent, sugar cookies, green tea, and cucumber.

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