Monday, February 22, 2010

i heart faces Challenge - Hands

Today's challenge for i♥faces is HANDS!! I was so excited when I saw this because I LURVVVEEE taking pictures of hands. For the most part, I focus on the hands of Matt, my younger brother. He has issues with fine motor skills, as well as some gross motor tasks. A lack of muscular development in his hands has made them very loose and fluid, and thus very graceful.

For the challenge, I chose a picture of his hands that fills the entire image. One hand is holding a chocolate milk bottle, and the other hand was tapping his fingers. (He does a lot of self-stimulation, including tapping his fingers together and rubbing his fingers and knuckles.) I just love how I caught the one hand mid-tap, and it looks almost posed, but it really wasn't!

I played around with the light and color curves, which I am finding so much easier as I continue to play with levels. I also learned how to do rounded corners, although somehow they got filled in with white. Odd.


Melis said...

It's a blogger thing... those rounded corners. There's some kind of work-around for it but I haven't figured it out so I stay away from them because when you upload your pic to blogger it stuffs it into a rectangle box that defaults to a white fill instead of transparent. Even more annoying if your background isn't white.

Anyway, come on over to my blog and claim your awards! All you gotta do is post them on your blog and link back, then pass them on to other worthy bloggers :-)

Amy said...

Oh, I hate you. I don't want any flippin' awards! Too much work... And I can't just give them back to you. NOT COOL.


As for the rounded corners, they are transparent in photoshop, but white when I view the image outside photoshop.

Melis said...

Yeah, I know... it's infuriating. So I gave up :-) I'll cut 'em when I stick them in scrapbooks (hah!)

The awards ARE a ton of work, but it's nice to pass things on... I just spent my WHOLE morning doing that post. Literally.

Amy said...

Yep, I have way too much stuff to do right now. I'll write up another post tonight.

Melis said...

Hahahaha, it doesn't matter how old your blog is! It doesn't have to be established to be fun to read!

And as to #12, I don't WANT to home school them! I WANT them to go to school because I think it's an important part of development, BUT I don't want the government to mandate that an institution supplant the role of a family in the upbringing of children. So I'll keep them out of school if the scale tips to the point of kids being at school significantly more than they're home. Yikes. Talk about a socialist move... eew!

BUT if you're willing to move to TN, we'll make you our official babysitter and maybe I can actually get a life again ;-)

picsbymic said...

Nicely done, quick capture and you did it well.

Lena said...

Great shot, nicely done!